Server beta test online
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    Vote no server

    Vote todos os dias no servidor !
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    Compre items no jogo e ajude o servidor a se manter.
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    Castle Siege de 14 em 14 dias.
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    Olimpiadas de 15 em 15 dias.
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    Areas de Farm/PvP

    Diversas areas de Farm e PvP para você evoluir mais rapido.

Server Features
Experience: x100
Experience in party: x2
Pet experience: x75
Skill Points: x100
Adena Drop: x120
Item Drop: x1
GrandBoss Item Drop: x1
Spoil Drop: x8
RaidBoss Spoil Drop: x2
GrandBoss Spoil Drop: x2
Consumables Cost: x20
Manor Drop: x30

Quest Drop/Reward: x30


Armors and Weapons S: Ketra Orc Outpost - Varkas Silenos Outpost
Armors and Weapons x2 Chance: Monastery of Silence - Party Zone
Event Medals: All Mobs

    Enchant Safe: +3
    Enchant Max: +16
    Scrolls enchant chance: 55%
    Blessed enchant chance: 65%

    Blessed enchant failed item return to: safe +3.




    Flag Counter

    Chronicle: Interlude
    Buff slots: 20 +4 Slots
    Sieges: 15 Days
    Buff duration: 2 hours.
    Aiox receive: Dual + Mana

    Skills learn type: Auto.
    All Quests Retail Like.
    Retail (castle / clanhall) sieges.
    Retail olympiads.

    Shops and npc's
    C Grade / B Grade / A Grade Crafters Trade Adena in Npcs
    S Grade Drop in Farm Zones- Adena an Ancient Adena.
    Shop accessable, in - All Town .
    Class Manager NPC in Giran town.your class to 1st, 2nd and 3rd for free.